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from participating member clubs of the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs
Updated March 06, 2003

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    OCPA is taking part in a newsletter exchange with other camera clubs that are members of the Columbia Council. We will post them here as a convenience and service to our readers. If you would like to receive a printed version of any newsletter seen here, please contact that particular club.

Blue Mountain Photo Club - Blue Mountain Camera Club (Walla Walla, Washington), February 2003 - Lori Montgomery, editor (, two pages

The Viewfinder - Boise Camera Club (Boise, Idaho), March 2003 (Volume 51, Number 03) - Roy Cordingley, co-editor ( & Max Burke, co-editor (, six pages

Stereo Views - Cascade Stereoscopic Club (Portland, Oregon), January 2003 (Volume 10, Issue 1) - Diane Rulien, editor (, eight pages

Focal Point - Caveman Camera Club (Grants Pass, Oregon), March 2003 (Volume 3) - Gloria Lockhart, editor, five pages

The Bellows - Emerald Valley Photographic Society (Eugene, Oregon), March 2003 (Volume 43, Number 03) - Bruce Bittle, editor (, ten pages

Adapter - Film Pack Camera Club (Vancouver, Washington), February 2003 - Lloyd Jones, editor (, two pages

Shutter Bug News - Forest Grove Camera Club (Forest Grove, Oregon), March 2003 (Volume 51, Issue 6) - Billy Burke, editor (, two pages

Cable Release - King City Camera Club (King City, Oregon), March 2003 - Sally Jones, editor (, two pages

PROOF SHEET - Oregon Coast Photographers' Association (Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon), March 2003 (Roll 11, Frame 03) - Tony Mason, editor (, twenty-two pages

The Easel - Pacific Color Printers Camera Club (Tigard, Oregon), February 2003 - Carl Foleen, editor (, two pages

The Ground Glass - Spokane Camera Club (Spokane, Washington), February 2003 (Volume 71, Issue 6) - David Sams, editor (, 2 pages

Valley Lensletter - Spokane Valley Camera Club (Spokane, Washington), February 2003 (Volume 52, Issue 6) - Linda Lowry, editor (, 3 pages

Fast Focus - The Dalles Camera Club (The Dalles, Oregon), February 2003 - Gary Fields, editor (, 1 pages

Sweet Spot - Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs), Winter Issue, January 20, 2003 (Number 2) - Billy Burke, editor (, eignt pages

Have a Sweet Spot mailed to your address: $3.00 for 4 issues (one year). Send check (made out to the 4Cs) to Billy Burke, PO Box 444, Forest Grove, OR 97116.

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    Because our free website hosting service only provides a limited amount of space, we are only able to post the most recent editions of these newsletters.
   The printed newsletter pages have been scanned and saved as .gif or .jpg files. What this means is, you will not be able to "copy/paste" any section from them - each page is a complete separate file (picture). You have to copy the entire picture. And, unfortunately, since each file is between 60 and 100 K's, it may take a little time to download. Any links indicated in the text are not hyper and due to the type of file, all words may not be totally legible.
    Also the scans, while readable, are not of a high quality. So if you like what you see, we encourage you to either subscribe to that particular club's newsletter (some clubs have allowances for this) or join that club.

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