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Here Are Some Websites That You May Find Interesting

Updated May 13, 2003

Erwin E. Smith (1886-1947)
    Strap on your spurs and gallop down memory lane with this stirring tribute to the great American cowboy. Early 20th-century photojournalist Erwin E. Smith spent his untamed youth laboring on various ranches in North Texas, huddled around campfires and rodeo arenas, witnessing bronco-busting, cattle-rustling, and range-cooking firsthand. He lived the unglamorous existence of a ranch hand, and used his steady lens to document a way of life fading into the sunset. From branding to butchering, the manual labor required of a cowboy was difficult and often brutal, and work was sometimes hard to come by. This poignant look at the how the West was won inspires respect for a hard day's work. 

Digital Cameras Demystified
With so many models, specs, prices, and extras to choose from, digital cameras are one of the toughest gadgets to shop for. Wouldn't it be great if you had our expert digicam editors by your side, giving you advice while you shopped? Now you can. CNET editors' digital camera buying guide clues you in to what you should know before you buy--from the kind of user you are to current technologies. Sure, you know how important megapixel count is, but have you considered which battery type or storage media you prefer? Do you want your cam to play MP3s or record video? So if you're in the market for a digital camera, check out our guide before going to the checkout line.

Protect Your Photos Online
Are your pictures safe online? Or are you one of those photographers so worried about the problems of putting them online that you haven't done so? 

Easter Eggs in Your Graphics Software
Are you fond of photoshop? Excited by Illustrator? Find out all about the hidden features in these popular programs.

Easter Eggs in Popular Web Sites
Did you know Google can be translated into Elmer Fudd-speak? That Ask Jeeves has a sense of humor? Or that you can find dancing mice if you look in the right place? Here are the secrets to finding Easter Eggs on popular web sites. 

    Are you a shutterbug with an eye for life's little details? How low are you willing to go to get your photos published on this ultra-cool site? Retrospectiv editors require that all images submitted are taken at a maximum height of 30 cm from terra firma. That's right, take it lying down, squatting, or kneeling -- just get down to the ground somehow. The goal is to pay attention to the minutae that surrounds us all the time. Of course, you should exercise sound judgment while snapping your image. The site advises you to stay away from streets and moving cars, use a rotating lens and camera body, and if you have to lie down on the wet cold ground, bring a blanket for protection. But if you snap the photo any higher than a sliver under foot, it won't make the cut. Be warned: The editors check for images doctored via Photoshop, so don't even think about it. Instead, join other intrepid photogs who've heeded the rules and captured enough amazing images to fill up 14 editions. Happy snapping!

Adjust the "camera" and click the shutter. You'll see the results on screen! This is a superb tool for learning about exposure, depth-of-field and camera shake.

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